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Design and size: Realme x50 being 6.57 inch in size, the phone is highly portable. Therefore, the appealing design of the phone will not only attract your attention but will also attract the attention of the people around you.

ROM and RAM: With 8 and 128 GB ram and ROM respectively, the phone will allow you to execute several tasks at the same time while providing you with adequate space to store your files offline. 

Supported network: The Realme x50 is one of the latest phones in the market, the phone supports the latest network (5G). Some of the other networks supported by the real x50 include 4G, 3G, and 2G. 

Powerful camera: With a 64MP  rear camera and 16 MP front camera, taking high-quality images and videos is easy. The Realme x50 has x20 hybrid zoom ability. That makes it easy to zoom things from far. 

Powerful CPU: Snapdragon 765 octa-core 2.4 Hz is a powerful CPU that will allow you to perform various tasks with your phone at a super amazing speed.