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Promotes Natural Growth: this natural botanical ingredient in the hair mask is perfect for all hair types and is highly concentrated that moisturizes your hair and restores it. It leads to permanent hair growth softens the hair.

Prevents Damage: The mask replenishes the nutrients of the hair and boosts overall scalp health. Since it is infused with argan oil, it is suitable for natural or color-treated hair, which makes it more vibrant & enhances dyed hair color making.

Improves Hair Texture: It tames the frizzy and dull hair with ultra-soft texture and vibrant appearance. It gets to the roots of scalp hair and strengthens the hair follicles.

Easy to Use: It is safe for everyday use and you only require it in a small amount to deeply apply it to the roots. It takes 5 seconds to gently massage the scalp and then wash it off.