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Enhanced compatibility: Using the Marjay Magnetic Micro USB cable, you can charge different phones. All you need is to change the connector type and start charging. You do not need to carry different USB cables to charge iPhone, Samsung, and other phones since the cable above can do all that.

Nylon surface material:  One of the most challenging things with most of the USB cables is that they do not last for long. The Marjay magnetic micro USB cable uses high quality for enhanced durability. 

Maximum current: To avoid wasting a lot of time when charging your iPhone or any other phone, you need a cable that provides maximum current to support fast charging. The magnetic charger USB mentioned earlier will help you to charge quickly since it has a fast-charging feature. 

360° charging: To enhance the fast charging ability, the magnetic USB cable provides 360° charging to give the cable a steady charging current. 

Multifunction: It is easy to use the Marjey Micro USB cable for charging or for data transfer from one device to another. You can connect your phone to a pc or any other device.