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Recommended size canvas: Depending on the size of the canvas that you use, the image clarity may vary. Choosing a very small or huge canvas may make your image quality be unclear. That is because the paints may be too much or less

Fine bright paints: The oil paint used is of the best quality. Therefore the image quality will always be appealing since the color are bright.

Variety of colors available: The package comes with different colors that you can use when painting. Therefore you will be able to enhance the appeal of your drawing with different colors.

Best drawing brushes: For accurate drawing, the brush provided has very precision. Using a coarse brush will make you have a hard time when painting on boundaries

Best grade canvas: The canvas used is of high quality. That makes it simple to paint on it. You do not have to keep repainting to make the paint stick on the canvas. The canvas will make your painting task simple.