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Fast charging: With the increase in the popularity of the fast charging cables, the Fonken magnetic charging cable went beyond expectations and offered this amazing cable with 3A charging current. 

Super compatibility: The cable is compatible with various types of phones. That is possible because the cable has a point to change the connector. 

Stable connection: To ensure the effectiveness of the cables remains the best, there is a stable magnetism between the connector and the charging cable. That aids in ensuring all the features such as fast charging and data transfer work well. 

Different lengths: There are varying lengths of the Fonken magnetic charging cable. The outer of the cable is made of nylon braided cables that guarantee an improved lifespan. The different cable lengths are 1 and 2 meters. 

One-hand operation: Using the Fonken fast charging cable is very easy. That is because the parts to be connected together will attract each other quickly and complete the connection. Therefore you can achieve that by using one hand. 

Has a Led indicator: The USB charging cable has a led indicator that will help you to locate the cable at night or in places with no light.