Brand: ACB Global Supply

Product Code: 35149348-szgd7732-50x40cm-no-frame

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Best packaging: The package gets delivered to the buyers with the best packaging. That helps to ensure the package arrives at the buyer's premises in the best condition. 

The best type of oil painting: For the best painting, the package includes propylene paint. There are several benefits of using propylene paints. Some of those benefits are such as for improving lubricity, providing the best co-efficient alternatives, and are chemically stable. 

Color canvas: With a color canvas, it is easy to use different colors and provide the best drawing. Therefore you will be able to draw an image that is exactly as the one you wanted with the help of colorful canvas. 

Strong coverage: To avoid using paint that spread slowly when painting, the package comes with paint with strong coverage. You just need to apply a small amount of paint and use it to paint a bigger area. 

High texture: To give your image the best touch, you need to choose a color that will give the image an appropriate touch. The paints provided are very adhesive and give your drawing the best texture.