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Best flower paints: For the best flower painting, opting for the AZQSD oil painting kit is a great idea. That is because the above-mentioned kit comes with the best flower paint that will help you produce flower decor images

High-quality canvas: The canvas used in flower painting is of high quality. That is to ensure every color give its best outlook 

Recommended size canvas: 40cmx 50 cm being the recommended size of the canvas, the kit comes with the exact size of the canvas which makes it simple to paint the best flower images. 

Package inclusion: With 1*canvas, 3* brush,1*instructions guide, 1*paints, 2* Hook without traces, and 2 screws, painting flower images will be easy. That is because the kit comes with all the essential tools.

Best adhesion: The best adhesion in the paints used, the images painted will be able to last for a longer time on the canvas. Unlike the other paints that fade within a short time, the oil paint used here lasts for a longer time.