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Different sizes: One of the beautiful things with the self-adhesive waterproof removable vinyl wall decor mentioned above is that you can get different sizes. Some of the different sizes available include 77x200 cm ,99x215cm ,85x215 cm and 90x200cm .  

Eco-friendly PVC: The wall decor mentioned above is waterproof, easy to paste, and does not have an irritating smell.

350dpi high-resolution printing: To make the images printed on the door decor mentioned above to be more attractive, they are printed using high-resolution technology. 

Easy to install: Installing the space geometry decor does not require technical skills. That is because you need to clean the door and put the self-adhesive waterproof removable vinyl wall decor. 

Variety of styles: Since we all love wall decor with different images, the wall decor mentioned above comes in different. Some contain 3D  numbers, others contain geometric lines, space geometry, 3D view flowers, wood grain, and many more.