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Comes in different colors: With a wide variety of colors available in a 6 piece lot of cheap lavender artificial flowers, one is able to enjoy a variety of colors in a single bouquet. Therefore if you love several different colors in a single flower, then the decor flower listed above is perfect for you. 

Economical: Comparing the quality of the flowers mentioned above and their price, it is clear that the 6 pieces of lavender artificial flowers are cheaper than any other decor flowers. 

Different sizes: The decor flowers mentioned above have a pruning length of 30 cm and a 10 cm golf branch. Therefore the above-mentioned sizes are good for excellent decor purposes. 

Package inclusion: After ordering your 6 pieces of lavender artificial flowers, the package will arrive well packed with 6 pieces of flower wrapped in a bag or carton. 

Good quality flowers: The silk material used to make the lavender flowers discussed above are known to produce high-quality flowers. That is because silk material cannot be affected by things such as harsh weather conditions nor do they attract dust. That helps to keep the flowers maintain bright colors.