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Different styles: Since the 20 styles mini Haregrass contains various types of flowers, the home flower decor above is able to give your desk the best modern styles.

Various applications: The flower decor mentioned above can be used in various places. Some of the places you can use those flowers include bedroom, office desk, coffee table, and many more places. 

High quality dried flowers: The flowers used in the 20 styles of mini Haregrass are from the best quality flowers. Therefore they are able to enhance the appeal of the place they are placed. 

Available in various sizes: With several kinds of flowers with different sizes, the dried flowers in the 20 styles mini Haregrass will give the best outlook since the flowers appear like the real flowers. 

Best for various applications: Due to the appealing styles of the above-discussed flowers, one can use them for different functions. Some of those functions include gifting one during a birthday party, on mother’s day, valentine day, and many more