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Variety of colors: The 12 pieces set hexagonal home decor mirror comes in various colors to suit different colors. Regardless of the color of your paint, definitely you will find a mirror wall sticker that will fit well in your home. Some of the different available colors include silver, gold, net, black, and blue.

Contain Strong adhesive material: When using the strong adhesive acrylic material to fix the mirror wall sticker, the task will be simple for you since you got everything needed. 

Enhanced clarity: The wall sticker mirror set is clear as the ordinary mirror. Therefore by fixing this set of mirrors in your home, you do not need to use the ordinary mirror.

Various sizes: The mirror stickers come in different sizes. The two main different sizes that you can get include the 46x20x23mm and  80x70x40mm. 

Made of acrylic material: Due to the high-quality acrylic materials used to make the mirror decor mentioned above, the wall decors are very durable. 

Enhanced appeal: Comparing the improved design and style of the 12 pieces mirror wall sticker and the other mirror stickers available, it is clear that the 12 mirror wall sticker offers enhanced appeal more than others.