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3.0 Ampere fast charging: The Floveme magnetic cable will not only help you to charge your phone but also charging your phone will take a very short time. The cable provides a maximum of 3A that allows fast charging.

1 and 2-meter length: With varying lengths of the floveme magnetic cable, one is able to use the cable from far. You do not have to be near your socket to charge. 

High compatibility: The ability to be compatible with other connector types such as type c, micro USB, ios charging connect, and many more, getting the earlier mentioned cable will help you charge phones with different connectors using one cable.

Multi-function: Transferring files from your phone to a computer is also possible with the help of the floveme magnetic cable. 

Easy to operate: Whether you are driving or doing some other important things, using the floveme magnetic cable is easy since you can use one. The connect part will attract the other part of the cable and start charging easily.