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High-quality canvas: The home decor kit mentioned above has a high-quality canvas to ensure you produce the best cartoon painting.  It is essential to know that the quality of the canvas used affects your appearance of the painting. 

Best paint: Since using the best oil paint is very useful when producing cartoon paints, therefore the home decor kit has the best quality oil paint. 

High-quality brush: Brush is another very essential thing that should be highly considered when aiming to produce quality cartoon paint for home decor. Therefore the brush that comes along with the other items has a high precision level. 

Package kit inclusions: 1* canvas,3* brush, 1* manual, 1* paints, 2* hooks without a trace, 2 screws

Best size canvas: With a  40x50 cm, the quality of the final paint will appear the best. That is because the earlier mentioned canvas dimension is the recommended one  . using a smaller or larger canvas will produce a  blurred painting. 

Modern style: Being able to paint with a modern style is a very essential thing. That is because you can use the painting in various places such as hotel decor, home decor, garden decor, and many more applications.