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Best quality paint: Using environmental-friendly paints has several benefits not only for you but even for the people living around you. Therefore the HUACAN SCHC3-348 kit offers the best paint that is environmentally friendly to ensure everyone is safe.

Recommended size canvas: The high quality and best size canvas that comes in the home decor kit mentioned above will help you produce excellent images easily. 

Package inclusion: Once you get the HUACAN SCHC3-348 kit, you will get 3 brushes(1 large, 1 medium, 1 small), 1 canvas, 1 set of paints, 2 traceless hooks, and 2 screws. Those items will help you a lot when painting.

High coverage paints: Since the paints provided have very bright colors, you do not need to apply several times to obtain the best clarity.

Different brushes: For the best painting, the kit comes with three different brushes. Each brush should be used in the right place. When painting in bigger areas, using the larger brush will make your work simple. use the smaller brushed when painting along the boundaries.