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Best size: Choosing the wrong size canvas can diminish the quality of your painting. That is because the colors may either give the canvas a more dense or less dense clarity. Therefore using 40cm x50 cm(the recommended canvas size) will give your painting the best outlook

Best packaging: The AZQSD animals oil paintings are well parked to ensure they will reach the buyer's address safely. 

Best quality brush: Depending on the kind of brush that you use to paint, the image may have several mistakes. That is because different brushes have varying precision levels. 

Package inclusion: After buying the AZQSD animal oil painting kit, you will get  1*canvas,3*brush,1* instruction guide, 1* paints, 2* hook without a trace, and 2* screws in the package kit. 

Best adhesion: The oil paint provided on the earlier mentioned kit has the best adhesion. Therefore you will be guaranteed high durability for your paint. 

Strong coverage: The good thing with the oil provided by the AZQSD is that you do not have to repeat applying several times for the paint to cover a wider area. That is because the oil will cover a larger area once you apply.